Welcome to the MANDELA/FIFA/CIES International Programme in Sport Management website.

The primary objective of the MANDELA/FIFA/CIES International Progamme in Sport Management is to provide an advanced skill based short learning programme that focuses on selected areas within the management of sport. Students learn how to apply sport management principles in the administration of their various enterprises and organizations.

The MANDELA/FIFA/CIES International Progamme in Sport Management also introduces students to the current global sport management trends and how these may be applied within the South African and African context. In so doing the course aims to offer students important tools they can use to enhance the manner in which they manage their federation, their association or their club in accordance with the realities of South Africa and its neighbouring countries.

Contact Us
Mr Cameron Matebeni
Administrative Manager MANDELA/FIFA/CIES International Programme in Sport Management
Tel: 041 504 3881

 Nelson Mandela University/FIFA/CIES students at the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium 

The MANDELA/FIFA/CIES International Progamme in Sport Management is primarily aimed at persons that operate within one or more of the following settings:

  • National and regional football federations
  • Other sports federations
  • Sport clubs
  • National Olympic Committees and other sport associations
  • Governmental agencies
  • Industries related to sport
  • Other industries to people actively involved in the world of sport

This certificate is presented as a short learning programme. Provider accreditation was granted to Nelson Mandela University by CIES and programme accreditation is provided by Nelson Mandela University and CIES.